Legal Project Management 4.0

Legal Project Management is much more than just the correct sequence of steps in a legal service delivery process. Aspects of technology enablement, human-centred design, leadership and many more play a decisive role in elevating current LPM programmes to the next level.

The key question is: what are those bold strategies and impactful interventions to expedite the value creation of those programmes

A series of virtual meetups

What it is

#bigLPMidea meetups are a platform to share latest insights and experiences in the LPM community. Open to everyone, irrespective of professional background, geographic affiliation and seniority, a broad array of topics related to LPM is covered in short (15-20min), occasionally provocative talks delivered by two to three speakers at each meetup.

  • Attendance is free of charge
  • Interactive discussions are highly encouraged!
How it started

A group of 26 experts comprising private practitioners, in-house counsel, technologists, legal operations managers and legal management consultants volunteered to contribute their unique perspectives and insights to the upcoming book “Next Stage Legal Project Management: Future-proof your Matter Management“, published by Globe Law and Business.

Coming together in this unprecedented formation, the idea for recurring #bigLPMidea meetups was born.

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Upcoming meetups

Upcoming events will be announced soon.